Here's a small sampling of our work and impact we've helped create over the years.

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Our beginnings

The Hampstead Institute has served different roles over the past decade. Created in 2008 to foster culture and learning within our community, the Institute forged its mission to focus on education in the fields of design, development, wellness and sustainable living. We hosted New Urbanist design leaders for workshops and lectures on subjects ranging from town planning, sustainability and architecture to organic farming and literacy.


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EAT SOUTH and The Hampstead Institute

As time went on, the Hampstead Institute founded EAT South and built its Downtown Farm, focused on real-world experiential learning for all the region’s students and visitors to learn from and visit. We helped EAT South grow into its own non-profit entity in 2015.

Upon its founding in 2011, the Institute established a long-term relationship of support with the Montessori School at Hampstead and its hands-on curriculum at Hampstead Farm, playgrounds, sports fields, and throughout the Hampstead community.


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The present, building toward the future

Today, we continue to focus on educational and local food endeavors with the Montessori School at Hampstead and Hampstead Farm.

We partner with health and wellness based organizations in the Montgomery region, such as Barber Elite Soccer and its children's soccer programs at Hampstead Sports Field throughout the year.

We promote and support of other non-profits throughout the region including the Family Sunshine Center, the Montgomery Area Food Bank, the YMCA of Greater Montgomery, and the Montgomery Humane Society to name a few through annual and special events.

The Institute promotes the benefits of culture, design and civic art within community. These efforts are visible through arts oriented events and support for the arts and artists throughout Hampstead.